Stories of solitude


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A series of works which employ sculpture and drawing to construct a range of scenarios, incidents and seemingly random acts where meanings, like memories must be pieced together. A subversive use of materials with their own inherent associations aim to explore the plight of everyday lives through a dialogue of curiosities.

Ways we used to Play

Ways we used to Play, 2003

Copper piping, plaster, black beans, leather, chain
26 x 38 x 28cm (suspended height variable)

Any Given Sunday (Feet on pavement)

Any Given Sunday (Feet on pavement), 2005

Net curtain, plaster, tea, ink
15 x 12cm
Private collection

Tender Mournings

Tender Mournings, 2003

Copper piping, glass, steel rods, artificial trees, soil
182 x 40 x 29cm

Any Given Sunday (Bike and Bootlace)

Any Given Sunday (Bike and Bootlace), 2004

Net curtain, plaster, tea, ink
20 x 19cm
Private Collection

Untitled (Vanity case)

Untitled (Vanity case), 2004

Copper piping, steel, leather, oasis foam, archival sealant, ground olive stones, oil paint
32 x 36 x 27cm

Any Given Sunday (Man and carboot)

Any Given Sunday (Man and carboot), 2005

Net curtain, plaster, tea, ink, adhesive and ground olives stones
23 x 21cm