Simon Le Ruez has exhibited his work widely and internationally. He has undertaken international artist residencies at Kunstlerhaus Dortmund, Germany and at Künstlerhaus Bethanien in Berlin, both of which culminated with ambitious solo exhibitions. He has made work for the public realm and worked on different collaborative projects with other artists. His work is held in a number of important public collections and he has received numerous prizes and awards in recognition of his work and international projects.

For Simon Le Ruez, making is at the core of his practice; it allows him to explore the stability and possibilities of form, structure and the material world. Employing the mediums of sculpture and installation, but also a multimedia approach, his work revels in aesthetical concerns which aim to bend the concept of the norm and of a given expectation. He often works with materials which might be deemed as conflicting, in order to create a friction and to push against mainstream standards of beauty. Conventions are further challenged through his use of colour which he uses as a material to emphasise a physical presence and to amplify a playful confrontation with space and time. His works explore and celebrate a sense of becoming, of subversion and fragile fruition, they implore the viewer to rethink revolving reference points, be it architecture, cinema, sexuality, longing or escape and to filter them in a way whereby a personal involvement with the work is pivotal. His most recent pieces find inspiration in biological forms and architecture and try to imagine new relationships between the built and the natural world.

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