Another kind of Cathedral


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A series of works which together, ignite an evocation of refuge, of comfort and retreat. Notions of grandeur and expectation are distilled and celebrated through the small, unassuming and intimate. 


Cathedral, 2020

Cast concrete, enamel paint
8 x 8 x 8cm


Sarabande, 2020

Unfired clay, steel wire, enamel paint, antique hook
20 x 9 x 8cm

Intervals (Rivelin valley)

Intervals (Rivelin valley), 2021

Giclee print on Innova smooth cotton high white matt paper
Dimensions variable

Revivre #1

Revivre #1, 2021

Gouache, pencil, Cromático paper, newsprint, adhesive on heavyweight paper
30 x 21cm

Revivre #2

Revivre #2, 2021

Gouache, pencil, silver paper, gold card, adhesive on heavyweight paper
21 x 30cm

Overture #1

Overture #1, 2021

Gouache, pencil, plastic pearl, adhesive on heavyweight paper
30 x 21cm

The alpinist

The alpinist, 2021

Paper, concrete, wire, netting, acrylic paint, pin, optic lens
12 x 10 x 13cm

Sympathy for the Abyss

Sympathy for the Abyss, 2022

Cromático paper, tissue paper, adhesive, pencil, acrylic paint, wire, tape
20 x 16 x 13cm

Bay of Angels

Bay of Angels, 2022

Moulded plastic, acrylic paint, plastik tak, pearl head pins
7 x 5 x 7cm