Little Pleasures


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A body of work which revels in erotic ambiguity and ambivalence. Intimate sculptures imbued with material play distil a range of conflicting comforts, unrequited feelings and the suggestion of the places we may go in order to seek a degree of relief. It features two works from Any Given Sunday, a long running series of works made directly onto plaster soaked net curtain.

Little Pleasures

Little Pleasures, 2002

Concrete, rubber, lace, elastic
14 x 14 x 14cm (each)
Collection Nottingham Museums and Galleries, UK

Untitled (From the series 'Southern Comforts')

Untitled (From the series 'Southern Comforts'), 2004

Stocking, black beans, lemon
9 x 16 x 10cm

Easily Pleased

Easily Pleased, 2004

Elastic, plastic, black beans
7 x 19 x 14cm

Until you find Another

Until you find Another, 2003

Moulded card, black eyed beans
16 x 11 x 8cm

Untitled (Mountain Glove)

Untitled (Mountain Glove), 2004

Leather glove, oasis foam, oil paint
6 x 20 x 11cm

Any Given Sunday (Knees on swing)

Any Given Sunday (Knees on swing), 2004

Net curtain, plaster, tea, ink, coloured pencil
11 x 16cm

Old Habits

Old Habits, 2005

Wax, steel, coloured rubber
7 x 19 x 14cm

Any Given Sunday (Dart and doorbell)

Any Given Sunday (Dart and doorbell), 2005

Net curtain, plaster, tea, ink
26 x 21cm